Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NY Fashion Week!

It's on again! Although I've been a makeup addict for as long as I can remember, I still like to see the new season fashion trends and, more importantly, the makeup trends. Although very few people take notice of makeup trends as they do fashion trends. I can tellyou right now that dark, smoky eyes and berry lips are still the beauty trend de jour, but who is actually going to rock them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Especially during the heat of summer for us Aussies. Just wearing eyeliner makes me into a sad panda.

Although it was a pure heaven moment when walking into the newsagents yesterday. For Autumn/Winter 2011, Marie Claire have published their very own beauty magazine, with sections on makeup, skincare, haircare and bodycare. Naturally, Priceline was a major factor in the issue but not with an extreme focus. The makeup section struck a particular cord with me, as it housed plenty of images straight from the runway of various trends and looks. I can see myself buying another just to hack it and make a new inspiration board.

This afternoon I also went out and bought a new cleanser. I've been looking at buying a Cetaphil one for the longest time, but I've never used the brand and don't feel like dishing cash for a giant bottle of goop that doesn't work. So I just bought a sensitive one from Olay. I'll keep you posted on how it works for me. My main skin concerns have always been discolouration and dryness, with a mild concern for breakouts. Being fair and Australian is pratically begging for perma-lobster.

Also, I got more mail the other day (all MAC, with the exception of one product) and it's turning into love very quickly. No idea on the release date over here, but over in the US Covergirl have recently released their new Natureluxe foundation. I was lucky enough to score a free bottle with purchase in the shade 310 Flax. While this is a little too dark for me, it doesn't have pink undertones! Warmer tones rejoice! Although this could just be the sahde I have :S. I do know they make a lighter shade, but I haven't been able to find proper swatches for it yet.

But this stuff smells and feels really good. It blends easily and isn't too thick or too thin. The tube is a standard drugstore tube and CG claims it will 'give flawless, luxurious coverage with a barely there feel.' I'm wearing it as I type and if I hadn't reapplied powder just 2 seconds ago, I would agree. The coverage seems a little less than my Lioele BB cream though. So while I like it and will continue to use it, I won't buy it when they release the lightest colour here.

General Update:
-Still no word on when exactly we're moving, just that it's going to be soon.
-I've become addicted to reading Fanfiction.net. Those girls have some serious skill!
-I finally deco-ed my phone case! The front is covered in rhinestones and the back in whipped cream, cookies and other yummies.
-Sugarpill are having a one day only, 20% off sale!
-Finally realised why my Tamaki hasn't been using his litter tray; he's afraid of the washing machine when it's on.
-There are big storm clouds outside, so I'm in the process of prepping the couch into the 'comfort zone' with a squishy pillow, blanket and cat. The latest issue of 17 mag arrived in the post today with a beauty special and I just bought strawberry Pocky.

Until next time!

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