Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sad Face :(

Well, this sucks. Elfy just called and they have had a few dramas, so it means that she won't be staying the night at all and that we have to pick her up on the way there tomorrow. And I got all dolly-ed up too :(

But I just texted Katy so I might be having a guest after all! If not it means a night in with my gorgeously daggy sweat pants and Vampire Academy. Or maybe Mass Effect 2? The decisions we mere mortals make.


Getting Ready!

Just getting ready for my night with Elfy. And it always looks a little scary when I start on a messy hair day.


Kitty love

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Domestic Me!

Although Elfy isn't due until tomorrow afternoon at 5, I find myself in a domestic sort of cleaning mood. My room is already clean and I'm tempted to make a cake for tomorrow, something along the lines of this:

But whether or not I can actually bake it is another question..........

I wore my circle lens to work tonight! And for some reason guys were actually way nicer to me and kept looking at me. Maybe I was just far too adorable? *Bats lashes*

But anywho, I better go and feed my poor 'starving' kitten who won't stop meowing and rubbing on my legs for food. He's almost as cute as me! JKS!

Kitty love!

*Please note, the above maid imagine may or may not be me. Just so you know :P

Dolly Me!

Morning all! With my mini hiatus now gone and my stomach holding down food again, I thought it was time for a quick blog post before I started to tidy my room.

Recently I ordered my first pair of circle lens from an online store called HoneyColor, which is a store based in Malaysia. I ordered on the 7th of February and they shipped out in 3 days........I think. The site stated that it would take about 5-10 working days for me to receive it and I was emailed with shipping confirmation. I received it on Monday the 21st in just a standard yellow bubble mailer. Nothing was broken and it was packed well. I've already thrown out most of the packaging so I didn't take any pictures.

Because of the lenses that I purchased I also received a free lens case; I chose a blue one to match the colour of my lenses. I'll be honest; I've never worn lenses of any description before and the size of these scared the bejebuz out of me. But I did manage to put in one of the lenses and promptly had a quick camwhore session with them.

The left is my natural eye and the right is my circle lens eye. Major difference, huh?

But once my eye got over the shock of 'OMG WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST PUT IN ME??!!' these are really comfortable to wear and they make my eyes look a bit darker and more intense. On Monday I'm wearing them to uni orientation and shopping for most of the day, so I'm curious as to how these will feel after extended time in air conditioning. I did buy a bottle of eye drops for dryness and irritation for whenever I put my lenses in.

But the dolly effect they give is just so cute! I'm going to make a bigger HoneyColor order after moving and include other colours, like green and pink.

Kitty love!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Girl's Generation Studies?

Morning all! I have woken this morning with girly cramps and I'm getting hella sick to boot. So I present to you an image from a high school music textbook that contains.............Girl's Generation!


Kitty love!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Social Me!

Just a quick post before I go to bed and hopefully have sweet dreams. I wonder if counting strawberries instead of sleep will help?

But have just gotten news and organised final social times before getting into the swing of packing and moving. On Wednesday my dear friend Pompom and I are going into town for a hairdresser appointment and shopping. Hitting up some thrift stores and I need a few beauty things, like lash glue and plain false nails. Thursday night will be a girls night in with my other dear friend Elfy, where we intend to do facials, paint toes, watch girl movies and fix new nails and talk a LOT! And Friday we will both go to Grand Central and shop until we drop (or run out of money, hihi).

Wishing everyone sweet dreams!

Kitty love!


Good Morning! Or I guess I should say afternoon.......

Woke up again this morning due to the heat. But the next 3 days are looking to be tops of 25! And before I forget, I just have to show the picture that stopped my purikura hiatus:

I made it using the free site The photo that I have was in black and white and I used the wash out feature to make a little more 'puri-ish'.

On another topic, has anyone sidled over to allkpop to watch the new music video by Amuro Namie and AFTERSCHOOL? I'll link it and it's just so catchy and fun that it's going on repeat. Loove!

No sight of the mailman just yet, but he always comes on late on Monday. Interesting to see how the times of my next mailman will differ from my current hihi.

Kitty love!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


It's going to be 36 degrees here today; oh no's!

Currently the boys are on a mission to assemble our little pool in the garage to cool off, but I can't be sure as to how well it's going.

Shopping this Friday or Saturday! Looking to bring the best friend with as well and we can shop and be silly. No such details on when or where exactly we're moving, but I told work to not roster me on for past the 6th of March. My first shift is going to make me sad, as I've been working there for almost 2 years this May. But it also means I get a break before I go hunting for another job.

It's another beautiful MAIL DAY TOMORROW! I still haven't received my cirlce lens and I'm getting impatient lol. I've forgotten what types they were exactly, but I ordered them from a site called Honey Colour and they're blue. I would love to try green and brown but for my first pair I wanted them the same colour as my natural eyes. I also have a Sigma brush and a small makeup package on their way as well.

If it cools down a little later tonight I might fix new nails and come up with bento for the week. I got back into bento only to fall straight back out of it. I'm going to get my hair done on Wednesday though and I can't wait. I can't remember the site that I got the images from, but it was all in Japanese and had many different categories. I was looking in the 'cute' section for this style.

Isn't she cute? The length and colour is pretty much the same as mine, so this was much more logical to choose than a longer style.

UPDATE I'm not working on Friday anymore; the fantastic girl that is Krystal agreed to for me.

I also found the cord to the camera that I filmed my haul video on, so later on this afternoon I'm going to upload it and do a swatch post.

Hopefully it's ice cream soon, otherwise I'm in fear of melting like a ghost in Casper.

Kitty love!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Video Up Soon!

Hey Guys!

Hope that everyone is having a good Friday and is getting geared up for the weekend. I got some new goodies in the mail today and I also fixed new nails this morning, so as soon as my camera if charged and ready to go I'm going to do a small haul video for both my YT channel and here, so watch this space!

I had to work today and I have a closing shift tomorrow :( but all is well. With the extra hours I'm doing I intend to go and get my hair cut. The look that I've been in love with for weeks in the straight style that Jessica wore in the Seoul music video. Simple, but it just freshens things up a bit.

Well I better be off; there is a grocery shopping list that has to be written before going out later.

kitty love

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fixed New Nails!

Afternoon all! Have just gotten home from work and am going back for a 4-7 shift tonight; one of the other girls are sick. But I fixed new nails and just wanted to show them.

Cute, no? Although I'm struggling a little over the length and getting caught in my hair.

I best be off, but have a nice night! Hopefully the rain starts up again when it's time for sleep.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello and Goodnight!

Sooo, I forgot to set my alarm. EPIC FAIL! I fell asleep at 6pm and woke up at 10pm. Can anyone say 'watch the sunrise' with me? But it means that I can do a couple of what my Mum would call 'frivolous things' like fix new nails and think of new things to deco. I found a few ants on the back of the case when I woke up this morning. They don't quite understand that it's all just clay and not edible for the Queen.

I do have a mild confession to make though: I'm a constant un-finisher of shows. Going through the videos folder on my hard drive earlier today and it was full of shows that I've never finished. Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste, Naruto, Vampire Academy, Gossip Girl, Boardwalk Empire. To name a few. I get really into the story and then POOF just stop watching. IDK. A terrible habit that must be broken.

But my tummy is grumbling for a late dinner and a cup of tea, so it's off to the kitchen!


NY Fashion Week!

It's on again! Although I've been a makeup addict for as long as I can remember, I still like to see the new season fashion trends and, more importantly, the makeup trends. Although very few people take notice of makeup trends as they do fashion trends. I can tellyou right now that dark, smoky eyes and berry lips are still the beauty trend de jour, but who is actually going to rock them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Especially during the heat of summer for us Aussies. Just wearing eyeliner makes me into a sad panda.

Although it was a pure heaven moment when walking into the newsagents yesterday. For Autumn/Winter 2011, Marie Claire have published their very own beauty magazine, with sections on makeup, skincare, haircare and bodycare. Naturally, Priceline was a major factor in the issue but not with an extreme focus. The makeup section struck a particular cord with me, as it housed plenty of images straight from the runway of various trends and looks. I can see myself buying another just to hack it and make a new inspiration board.

This afternoon I also went out and bought a new cleanser. I've been looking at buying a Cetaphil one for the longest time, but I've never used the brand and don't feel like dishing cash for a giant bottle of goop that doesn't work. So I just bought a sensitive one from Olay. I'll keep you posted on how it works for me. My main skin concerns have always been discolouration and dryness, with a mild concern for breakouts. Being fair and Australian is pratically begging for perma-lobster.

Also, I got more mail the other day (all MAC, with the exception of one product) and it's turning into love very quickly. No idea on the release date over here, but over in the US Covergirl have recently released their new Natureluxe foundation. I was lucky enough to score a free bottle with purchase in the shade 310 Flax. While this is a little too dark for me, it doesn't have pink undertones! Warmer tones rejoice! Although this could just be the sahde I have :S. I do know they make a lighter shade, but I haven't been able to find proper swatches for it yet.

But this stuff smells and feels really good. It blends easily and isn't too thick or too thin. The tube is a standard drugstore tube and CG claims it will 'give flawless, luxurious coverage with a barely there feel.' I'm wearing it as I type and if I hadn't reapplied powder just 2 seconds ago, I would agree. The coverage seems a little less than my Lioele BB cream though. So while I like it and will continue to use it, I won't buy it when they release the lightest colour here.

General Update:
-Still no word on when exactly we're moving, just that it's going to be soon.
-I've become addicted to reading Those girls have some serious skill!
-I finally deco-ed my phone case! The front is covered in rhinestones and the back in whipped cream, cookies and other yummies.
-Sugarpill are having a one day only, 20% off sale!
-Finally realised why my Tamaki hasn't been using his litter tray; he's afraid of the washing machine when it's on.
-There are big storm clouds outside, so I'm in the process of prepping the couch into the 'comfort zone' with a squishy pillow, blanket and cat. The latest issue of 17 mag arrived in the post today with a beauty special and I just bought strawberry Pocky.

Until next time!