Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dolly Me!

Morning all! With my mini hiatus now gone and my stomach holding down food again, I thought it was time for a quick blog post before I started to tidy my room.

Recently I ordered my first pair of circle lens from an online store called HoneyColor, which is a store based in Malaysia. I ordered on the 7th of February and they shipped out in 3 days........I think. The site stated that it would take about 5-10 working days for me to receive it and I was emailed with shipping confirmation. I received it on Monday the 21st in just a standard yellow bubble mailer. Nothing was broken and it was packed well. I've already thrown out most of the packaging so I didn't take any pictures.

Because of the lenses that I purchased I also received a free lens case; I chose a blue one to match the colour of my lenses. I'll be honest; I've never worn lenses of any description before and the size of these scared the bejebuz out of me. But I did manage to put in one of the lenses and promptly had a quick camwhore session with them.

The left is my natural eye and the right is my circle lens eye. Major difference, huh?

But once my eye got over the shock of 'OMG WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST PUT IN ME??!!' these are really comfortable to wear and they make my eyes look a bit darker and more intense. On Monday I'm wearing them to uni orientation and shopping for most of the day, so I'm curious as to how these will feel after extended time in air conditioning. I did buy a bottle of eye drops for dryness and irritation for whenever I put my lenses in.

But the dolly effect they give is just so cute! I'm going to make a bigger HoneyColor order after moving and include other colours, like green and pink.

Kitty love!

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