Friday, April 22, 2011

New Project

Just a quick shout out before I go to bed. I've been thinking about this for quite a long time and it's only in the last few weeks that I have been seriously considering it.

In about 4 months I intend to open my own online store, which will stock all sorts of girly things, such as candles, phone charms, photo frames, books, tea cups, makeup brushes, cushions etc. Just the things that we girls like to have.

I'm still at a loss for names and the total cost. But it will mean that most of my blogging will be floating around ideas for the store.

Well guys that is all for now. I will be making an easter bento tomorrow morning and be doing my photo room tour. Also still in the brainstorm stages of a new tutorial using my MAC Magenta Madness pigment.

Watch this space!
xo Julia

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quick Update-aroony

Hey guys, back again. Moving has been really stressful and tiring, so blogging about how many boxes that I unpack each day is hardly riveting. FYI, I've unpacked no boxes today and 4 yesterday lol.

It's the day before the Easter weekend and also shopping day. I haven't taken any photos of my room as it's still unorganised and there is a far amount of crap in the wardrobe. Still waiting on a few things in the mail but I will be filming a collective haul when it all arrives. I'm hoping that the lighting will still be reasonable when I film videos, as I have a few reviews and tutorials in the works.

Well, I'm off to do some food shopping :( but if I find the energy to tidy my room later I'll blog the photos!

xoxo Julia

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Second Night!

Evening everyone! Just cooked dinner for the first time in the new kitchen and so far it's pretty nice. About half of this house is unpacked and it's starting to feel more homely. My room is pretty much done; managed to keep all of my furniture in there and put up a few new posters. I'll take a few pictures when it's all done!

We also have a Kmart that is really close,so I'm looking to overhaul some of my storage and add a few cute things. Living up here gives me major access to everything; fashion, household etc. In a couple of weeks I'm going shopping for winter clothes. As we now live higher up, its a quite a few degrees colder.

Tomorrow is going to be spent cleaning and packing up the rest of the old house. I also got my UV gel curing lamp, so now it is just a case of waiting for the last materials and then onto the nail porn!

Well I'm off for now guys. I'm making a bento for tomorrow's lunch, so I'll take a few photos in the morning if have a few spare minutes.

Night all!
xx Julia

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Soooo............WE GOT THE HOUSE! We submitted the paperwork this morning and it was approved this afternoon. Have spent all day packing and doing house errands. Having only 3 days to pack up the whole house and sort out the important things for the new house is tiring, but I'm going to have an early night tonight.

Picked up a new hair dye today in 'Natural Baby Blonde' which is about 4 shades lighter than my current colour. Hoping I don't look 5 years old after it's rinsed out.

Wish me luck!
xx Julia

Monday, April 11, 2011


First off, OTD items that I had yesterday and forgot to upload the pictures of.

Trying to take a clear photo of my right hand was really hard. My FOTD is also very standard dolly style. I don't own a full length mirror, but you can see the shoes that I wore!

Put in all the forms for the house today. We should be living in it this Friday and I'm excited. It's pretty average and my room is smaller than my current one, but I see it as a challenge! I can also reach and see the top of the wardrobes, which is an added plus. Midget friendly bedrooms!

I'll be trying out the Hello Kitty mold I bought a few days ago for tomorrow's bento. But now it's time to have a quick nap and do some packing! 4 days to go!

xx Julia

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nails are done and it's bed time

Shower time and then bed! I finished playing Gears of War 2 today as well. The third is out this year and I have to get in a lot of practice after a few months of not playing at all. New nails fixed tonight are a little different than normal, in that they are not pink! But my next set will be pink and loud.

My set was inspired by these:

On Wednesday I went to Valleygirl with the girls and picked up a couple new shirts. I might start posting OOTD, to go with FOTD, NOTD and bento of the day (BOTD) just to confuse you all :P. I'm a little nosy in that I like to know what people are wearing or eating.

And my gel nail system has only a week left to get to me! I'm hoping like crazy that it arrives in time, even though we use mail forwarding and all that jazz, I'm really afraid that it'll get lost. I'm a stingy cow in that I don't pay for registered or express shipping. I've only lost one thing in the last 3 years, so go Auspost for being reliable! I did make a small sneaky nail polish order yesterday (OPI and Essie) but I used a friend's address. I've never used either brand, so I can't wait to try them.

Will be making a conscious effort to post my FOTD for tomorrow, as I'm thinnking of something lilac and frosty white.

Well I'm off for the night, guys. Got assignments and shopping to do tomorrow and then a social get together on Sunday. Must make strawberry tart!

Kitty love

Friday, April 8, 2011

Inglot Australia!

Has finally launched! It's currently $95 for a 10 square eye shadow palette and I'm not sure if or when the price increase comes into effect. And I also applied fora house today, so tonight I have to go through all my stuff and start packing.

Am meeting Pompom tomorrow morning to hang out and do some shopping. I have also made new nails to wear tomorrow, so I'll take some photos tomorrow morning to upload here.

But one major joy of moving will bethat I have a whole new room (or canvas) to decorate. I've fallen in love with this girl's room:

I can only imagine as to what the bed looks like.....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Just a short hiatus

Hey guys, this is not going to be a fun or happy post, but rather just a blunt and honest one.

I don't go in-depth of my life on this blog, purely because that's not what I started it all for. But my current circumstances have made that impossible. I will keep blogging as much as I can because it's what I like to do, but there may be some unexplained tones or absences.

It's now looking that in the next 3 weeks, I'll be moving to Melbourne. My family's financial state has simply gotten worse and we can't afford to live in this state anymore. My Dad has not paid what we are owed and entitled to;money that we were counting on to pull us out, not drag us down. And because of an entirely different situation that involves my Mum and her accident, we rely on support from the state.

Expenses here have mounted and it's something we cannot ignore.

With that in mind, I'll still be making a conscious effort to update on here and on my YT channel.


Friday, April 1, 2011


Hey guys, just a quick update. Taking a few days break from the blog cause of real life getting in the way. And the fact that I haven't been making bento or wearing any notable sort of makeup when I go out.

^^ is pretty much the extent of what I've been looking like for the past few days, just with a cardigan and a considerably smaller chest.

I did finish Heavy Rain again last night; Shaun still lived and he and Ethan got their happy ending, but I didn't pursue a relationship with Madison. I also sent Ethan to the wrong address, so Madison and Jayden were the ones to find Shaun andkill the Origami Killer. Well, Madison just got shot at and ran like hell; Jayden shot the O.K.

But enough rambling from me, as I have to finish my journalism assignment and start thinking about the review for the Etude House Baby Skin foundation that FINALLY came on Wednesday. Also had my student ID done today and it's the best ID photo I've ever had taken, even if it does look like I'm sitting on a pickle.

On another note, I've also almost used up my MUFE HD foundation and I'm really glad. I might do a review on it while I film the EH foundation review. To say it's not a favourite is an understatement.

Well I'm off guys, might be back later on tomorrow with a video review or two.