Saturday, February 26, 2011

Domestic Me!

Although Elfy isn't due until tomorrow afternoon at 5, I find myself in a domestic sort of cleaning mood. My room is already clean and I'm tempted to make a cake for tomorrow, something along the lines of this:

But whether or not I can actually bake it is another question..........

I wore my circle lens to work tonight! And for some reason guys were actually way nicer to me and kept looking at me. Maybe I was just far too adorable? *Bats lashes*

But anywho, I better go and feed my poor 'starving' kitten who won't stop meowing and rubbing on my legs for food. He's almost as cute as me! JKS!

Kitty love!

*Please note, the above maid imagine may or may not be me. Just so you know :P


Anonymous said...

that donut cake looks Delish!

Julia said...

I only just noticed your comment D:
I didn't end up trying it, but I have no uni tomorrow so I'm thinking of trying it then. Thanks for your sweet comment! I hope you continue to follow me!