Sunday, February 20, 2011


It's going to be 36 degrees here today; oh no's!

Currently the boys are on a mission to assemble our little pool in the garage to cool off, but I can't be sure as to how well it's going.

Shopping this Friday or Saturday! Looking to bring the best friend with as well and we can shop and be silly. No such details on when or where exactly we're moving, but I told work to not roster me on for past the 6th of March. My first shift is going to make me sad, as I've been working there for almost 2 years this May. But it also means I get a break before I go hunting for another job.

It's another beautiful MAIL DAY TOMORROW! I still haven't received my cirlce lens and I'm getting impatient lol. I've forgotten what types they were exactly, but I ordered them from a site called Honey Colour and they're blue. I would love to try green and brown but for my first pair I wanted them the same colour as my natural eyes. I also have a Sigma brush and a small makeup package on their way as well.

If it cools down a little later tonight I might fix new nails and come up with bento for the week. I got back into bento only to fall straight back out of it. I'm going to get my hair done on Wednesday though and I can't wait. I can't remember the site that I got the images from, but it was all in Japanese and had many different categories. I was looking in the 'cute' section for this style.

Isn't she cute? The length and colour is pretty much the same as mine, so this was much more logical to choose than a longer style.

UPDATE I'm not working on Friday anymore; the fantastic girl that is Krystal agreed to for me.

I also found the cord to the camera that I filmed my haul video on, so later on this afternoon I'm going to upload it and do a swatch post.

Hopefully it's ice cream soon, otherwise I'm in fear of melting like a ghost in Casper.

Kitty love!

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