Tuesday, June 29, 2010


YAAAAAY! It's the second day of the school holidays today and I'm still in my pjs with unkempt hair and no makeup. Go me.

Have come up with a solution to this whole 'poor' thing that I've had happen lately. So came the birth of my new business baby, 'Sunny Bunny Cashmere' bath and beauty. It will be similar to Lush in that it's handmade bath goodies, but with my own twist; and totally bad-arse packaging.

Coming up with product and packaging ideas on here while Red vs Blue season 3 blares in the background.

Going grocery shopping tomorrow and the sad thing is, I'm actually happy to be getting out of the house and being surrounded by fresh produce and meats. Making souvlaki for dinner tonight for the boy and it's spinach and ricotta cannelloni for me.

Well, it's back to business plans and then housework. I hate my holidays sometimes.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another one?!

Hey guys!

Ok, so on my mission to try and stop being lazy with my blog and my twitter I'm trying to at least click on them and put in any new stuff that is worth mentioning. Like nothing, except that I got my 15 concealor palette in the mail today! So happy when I got home and checked the box to find it sitting there. Now I just need to receive my 28 blush palette and it'll be all prettyful! Excuse my flamboyance this afternoon, but I'm trying to perk myself up before I go to work tonight. :*(

There is my new baby! I tested a few out on my hand and it feels pretty good, but the real test will be tomorrow for a full day at hectic school, as I'm already wearing a full face for work.

Well I had better love you and leave you guys, as I want to get to work early today so I can read a magazine or grab a quick bite. Hihi

Until my review!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hump Day :(

Hey guys!

Only a few more days until my exam block starts and I'm so nervous! Hopefully everything will go so that I pass my math. Lol and everything else. Just got home from Coles, actually, cause the new DOLLY and SHOP came out today (along with the new Cosmo, but that can wait) and naturally I always buy DOLLY and SHOP has Alexa Chung on the cover.

School again tomorrow :( I so can't wait for the holidays so that I can sleep in! Going to make a list of all the things that I plan to do over the holidays:

Enrol at the Fashion School in Brisbane and start a course in Fashion Marketing
Grow my face chart portfolio
Clean my room from top to bottom
Volunteer for a charity or do something for charity
Continue planning for the fashion show (more ahead!)
Grow my journalism portfolio
Grow my trend hunting portfolio

Sounds like a lot but I'm hoping that I find time to do it all. A lot of portfolios in there too, which are important for anything to do with the future and my career!

About this whole 'planning for the fashion show': my friend Jane wants to do a fashion show to raise money for our formal. And because she knows that I like organising and all that jazz has asked me to be the makeup girl for the event, but I also want to contribute to planning. There will be models and music and nice clothes and gorge makeup (have to talk myself up, lol) that even if we don't raise much money, it'll still be fun.

Well there are oreas, Dare expresso and new magazines on my bed waiting to be read, so I'll leave you guys for now.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Well guys it's an eventful day here.

I'm off school sick again, which I don't quite understand. Before it all I never got sick and now I seem to be in a permanent state of cold symptoms. Woke up this morning sounding like a homeless chain cigar smoker that was also a soul singer in their spare time. Yeah,my voice was really that bad.

While staying over at Elf's on Wednesday so we could go shopping instead of go to study (naughty naughty me. lol) I bought a really cute fleecy beanie type thing that is in the shape of a Chocobo from Final Fantasy. Take a looksi:
I look a tad demented when I wear it but it keeps me toasty. And I also bought a phone charm of Yuna in FFX.

But enough of geeky-ness, apart from giving a general update, I also logged on to give my own mini review of a foundation that I picked up during my adventures yesterday. The Australis Mineral Inject Liquid Foundation (on sale at Priceline for $12) has an SPF and doesn't clog pores. It's also housed in a handy pump bottle. I tried this foundation this morning (as I was going to school until I was told to stay home and see the Doc) and am still wearing it now, in a state of total unimpressed-ness. It applied fine and gives a sheer coverage, but by about midday there were patches in a couple areas of built-up product and my face feels like I dunked my head into a (cold and turned off) deep fryer. Short answer: if it wasn't so cheap I wouldn't have bought it.

Oh and I also received another foundation today in the mail: Rimmel 16Hour Matte Mousse Foundation at a grand total of $11.90 including postage. I'm just about to wash my face and test this out, so its a case of WATCH THIS SPACE for now.

And awaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stupid Supports.....grumble......grumble.....

Hey guys

Just a quick update from me today. It's been forever since I last posted too, so you'll have to forgive me! All has been quite here in my world, with the only real difference being that my wrist is the size of a tennis ball and I'm typing with only one hand at a snail's pace.

The reason as to why my hand is so swollen is that I have quite a severe case of RSI of my left wrist and thumb. Joy, for when you're a gamer like me it doesn't matter if your thumb is cut OFF you still grab that controller and go for your life. Especially after finally downloading the almost forgotten DLC for ME2 (Kasumi and her mission) that an all night gaming session with which to first do her mission and then switch to Assassins Creed 2. It's a non-negiotable fact.

E3 in 13 days and I'm bouncing off the walls in anticipation, as a trailer and more will be shown in regards to Gears of War 3 that will be released sometime next year. LOSING.CONTROL.OF.BLADDER.IN.ANTICIPATION.OF.COMING.AWESOMENESS! If you know anything at all about me, is that I have a really big thing for shooting/action and slasher games, but I turn into a total wimp if it's even remotely creepy or scary, which is why I haven't played anymore than about 45 minutes of Bioshock, but am pretty damn proud of making it to the mueseum parts in Condemned 2.

On a side note, I'm on my third playthrough of ME2 and have only just gotten sucked into the world of Assassins Creed, although I've already seen 'The Truth' and know how it ends. But it's still pretty kick arse to assassinate people though.

NOT COOKING TONIGHT! When I went out today to pay rent and get milk (forgetting the glad wrap, naturally) the boy had the idea to buy Subway for dinner so that I wouldn't have to cook.

Watched the new sci-fi movie 'Moon' not that long ago too. Definately something for the people that enjoy true sci-fi, cause its pretty cool. But anyway, Top Gear should be starting about now and considering I really like the voice of Richard Hammond (yeah, I'm someone that enjoys listening to voices, go me) its time to go and watch these lucky bastards bugger around with fast and expensive cars that I can never afford. But whatever.

Talk to you guys later!