Tuesday, June 29, 2010


YAAAAAY! It's the second day of the school holidays today and I'm still in my pjs with unkempt hair and no makeup. Go me.

Have come up with a solution to this whole 'poor' thing that I've had happen lately. So came the birth of my new business baby, 'Sunny Bunny Cashmere' bath and beauty. It will be similar to Lush in that it's handmade bath goodies, but with my own twist; and totally bad-arse packaging.

Coming up with product and packaging ideas on here while Red vs Blue season 3 blares in the background.

Going grocery shopping tomorrow and the sad thing is, I'm actually happy to be getting out of the house and being surrounded by fresh produce and meats. Making souvlaki for dinner tonight for the boy and it's spinach and ricotta cannelloni for me.

Well, it's back to business plans and then housework. I hate my holidays sometimes.

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