Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just something I thought of

Does anyone else NOT have a nickname? All my friends have nicknames and names that can give them multiple nicknames but I don't! Julia, wow, what a nickname capable name...........

Back Again!

Hey Guys!
Ugh I know it seems like FOREVER since I was last on here. But upon starting year 12 and work and all the other human things, it seems like life would be easier if we could just flick a switch and stay awake for x amount of hours. Oh and I also have a new website to add to my (up and coming) list of cool sites. I cam across this one not that long ago and it's such a money saver. Its and you can view tons of Japanese magazine scans for free. I know that a couple weeks ago they also included the 2010 CUTIE room Book and it's made me almost hate my own room. Anyway I got to start getting reading for work (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME! *Gets dragged off against will*)

love julia