Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Soundtrack of Today

The above images sums up my attempt at studying today. Lets just say nothing really happened hihi.

An early start tomorrow. Have some boring errands in the morning and then the day to myself! Intend to study a little and then spend the rest discussing makeup, skin care etc with my housemate/BFF Katy. Although with that in mind, all my good study intentions have just evaporated. :)

Have had a lazy Sunday of baking and going onto Facebook. In talks of seeing a movie on Tuesday, but so far no clue on what to see!

Although this song is about love lost, it's just so chill and soothing that it's been on repeat all day.

And to finish off my post and happy evening wishes, I leave you with a photo I took of my little boy, Tamaki, today when I started to clean my room.

'Me? It was like this when I got here hihi'

Happy dreams!
xo Julia

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hello and goodnight. Just a small post before going off to bed. No photo of me today; I slept in and went out in my track pants and a wooly jumper. Can't say that makes for a good anything-of-the-day hihi. Going to try and film a video tomorrow using my own standard camera. I cannot guarantee the quality, but I will still try and pretty it up a little.

Also have a link to my current favourite song. It is on repeat in my house and is driving everyone crazy! I'm starting to like these girls more than SNSD! They are so adorable and cute.

The best thing about these girls is that they dance more simple than SNSD, so it's easier to copy and dance along to the video!

I'm away to bed early tonight, so that I can awake tomorrow morning bright and fresh. It's become a bad habit to stay awake until 3am and sleep the day away. I'm starting to look like a sad, tired panda bear!

Best wishes and happy dreaming.
xo Julia

Friday, June 3, 2011

FOTD and Hello!

Brr! Winter and is here and biting!

All moved in and settled here.......right at the start of winter. And we live higher up, so it's about 5 degrees colder than it was in our previous house. Team that with a higher cost of power and it's freaking cold!

I'm also excited to report that I actually put in a ton more effort into doing my bottom lashes and they look pretty good. But it's typical that the only close up photo I have is almost blurry, my brows haven't been done and my hair isn't styled. Lesson learnt for next time.

My top lashes are criss cross 'cat eye' types (the only lashes I have left in my collection atm) but I'm in the process of ordering a few more boxes. Did I recently mention I (heart) ebay for cheap lashes?

All quite on the home front, I must say. I'm still an unemployed moocher but also received awesome news the other day. A few months ago, I stumbled upon an advert for a magazine that, every issue, gives you a recipe magazine and pieces of Hello Kitty dinnerware. Upon entering the site, I was saddened to notice that it was UK only. But I went into my local newsagency a couple days ago and.................THEY HAD IT! It was issue #2, so I'm not too terribly out of the loop. My newest obsession? Kitty dinnerware! I'm also looking to invest in kitty appliances and pans. My boring old kitchen must be transformed into a kitty haven!

Until next time!
xo Julia