Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Update and Previously 'Classified' Info About Me

Wow; long time no see! I have been so snowed under lately it isn't funny.

First, I just want to give a little background about me. I know I talk about myself on this blog (d'oh, it is a blog about me) amongst other things, but some things I just keep. Recently, my family took funds for financial issues about a week ago. We live week by week as I both study and am a full time carer and my Mum physcially can't work (she was a chef until about 2 years ago). But we also won $600 and sold our boat for $1500, so life is very good at the moment and just in time for Christmas. So things have definitely taken a turn for the best as we're ahead on all our bills and I got paid back the debt owing to me etc.

The reason I suppose I don't blog more (not because I sit on my butt all day lol) is I just don't always do things that are worthy of blogging about. Most days when I don't go out (for Christmas it's been pretty much everyday!) I wear pj pants and oversized tshirts to study or trackpants (or sweatpants, depending on which part of the world you're from) and 3/4 shirts when I tidy the house. The standard day for me is to wake up (which lately, I have been having some very major sleeping issues that might have to be checked out), put on laundry and either start to tidy the house (which somehow always get's messy even though we aren't very messy people) or go out and do general errands or go food shopping. Hang/fold laundry, spend time with the family, check my computer updates and get some study in. I also do about 95% of the cooking here, so a little extra time is dedicated each week to planning the menu and also write up the shopping list.

I don't do as much study as I would like, but that's a pretty basic outline of what I do. Not very blog worthy, to say the least. But I have done an online haul (my present to me for being so wonderful? Hihi) that I will be blogging about when it arrives. I ordered my very first Dolly Wink products and 2 new lens. But I might wait until after Christmas to do reviews, as I'm hoping for a new camera on the Big Day!

I do hope I haven't rambled on too much and bored you all, but I am recharging my camera batteries so I can upload a few pictures in a couple hours and do a post on the newly released Dolly Wink products. And some super cute pictures of Tsubasa!

Until later on, guys, I leave you with a cute bunny image ^^

xo Julia

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Puffy Eye Trend

Hey guys, this is just going to be a mostly image-focused post for today, as I have Penn & Teller's Bullshit playing in the other window.

I just wanted to show you guys a new trend that's popped up (^^ pun intended) in Popteen; the Puffy Eye Bag trend! Now, in the Western beauty world, having eye bags is considered to be ageing and should be avoided at all costs. But in Korea, this trend thrives as it's believed to give a cute, youthful and 'happy' appearance to the eyes. I personally have natural undereye bags that don't require anything but a swipe of shimmer eyeshadow on the tear duct area.

As Popteen has become less gyaru and more focused on girlier items but is still fashionable, I can really understand as to why they would feature an entire several page spread to it. However, most of the models have very slight bags, so the idea is to use a shimmer eyeshadow and then a light brown colour to contour underneath to accentuate the eye bag. This sounds absolutely insane and something that has my Mum furrowing her brow. As someone that watches a lot of Kdrama, I love this trend and think it just adds that little something extra to your eye makeup.

I'll let the scans speak for themselves!

As always, click the images to enlarge.

Will you be trying the trend?

Until next time,
xo Julia

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anime Lunch!

Just took a few cute images of lunch today. It's due to storm for next couple days so we had an indoor picnic while watching the anime Fruits Basket. It's about an orpahn girl who finds herself living with a family that, if embraced by the opposite gender, turns into an animal of the zodiac!

The super deep looking menu screen!

Sloppy looking today ^^ about to eat poor Octo-san!

I ran out of nori and so just used a piece of foil to avoid sticky fingers from ongiri ^^

Am I the only one excited for the weekend? The promise of blue skies is making the beach tempting, hihi.

Til later!
xo Julia

Popteen December!

I just logged onto ym laptop and found the download links for the December issue of Popteen waiting! Naturally, I had to share them as soon as I could!

As always, download HERE.

I'm still in the process of flicking, but the front reminds me of Halloween rather than Christmas ^^

Off the decorate the house and wrap some gifts!

Until next time,
xo Julia

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Issues and Update!

Hello my little Christmas elves! It's starting to get a lot more festive (and warmer) here in Aus and I'm almost reading to start my advent calender ^^

Can't say that it's been very interesting on my end. Been doing a bit of decorating and whole lot of ebay surfing. I'll be doing a collective haul very soon and few other little things. Trying to get into being a responsible young adult but when you live at home, it gets difficult. I'm on a mission to take up the 365 day image challenge, though. For those that haven't heard of it, it's where you upload at least one image a day everyday for an entire year. As someone that is a chronic quitter, this should be good for me!

My dear old stepdad will be back in time for Christmas and is voluntarily *ahem* letting me 'borrow' his new Blackberry. A b'day gift from his Nan, he has no clue how to use it and adhere's to the saying 'You shouldn't put dumb people behind smart phones.'

Been looking all over a few phone case sites, as I do think I will like the Blackberry because a good friend of mine has the same model and she loves it. She had the same phone as my current phone before I did and she enjoyed it, hence why I bought it.

Ohohohohoh! I was just looking at my ebay and my offer got accepted by the seller! I've been looking at the possibility of buying a wig or two for months now but I've only just plucked the courage to buy one. With Christmas approaching so quickly and just getting busier in general, tying my hair into a bun, squeezing on a wig cap and then popping on a wig just seems so much easier. I'll be sure to do a review and all that jazz about wigs a little later on.

Oh, and I also have the download link for the new issue of EGG. Download HERE and enjoy!

I still have a love for EGG, even if my style belong more in Popteen.

Well that's all for tonight guys. In the next few days I'll be doing a post on my new hair colour, DIY Christmas gift ideas and a couple recipes that I really want to share!

So, I'll leave you with my current favourite song and a pic of my baby boy.
Until  next time!
xo Julia

'Hehe, hello Mummy!'

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Yes, that title will do nicely.

Hey guys, I know it's been....what, over 2 weeks now since I last posted anything. My bad, but the very morning that I was actually going to write up a new blog post, the internet got cut off. Complete.Meltdown. It should be up Tuesday at the latest, but I'm holding out that it'll be back up tomorrow so I can do a proper post and check all my updates. AND YOUTUBE! And gyaru_secrets and the gyaru blogs I read and all that other fun stuff.

Let's just say that going cold turkey on the internet is not a fun experience. Especially not when I wanted to order some new prescription circle lens and do the Christmas shopping. If anything, the house is probably the cleanest it's ever been because I have nothing to do. Uni was in exams and starts up again in a couple days and I feel really slack just watching TV all day. Makes me wonder as to what suburban housewives of the 60's did to pass the time..........but luckily Bewitched has helped me to understand hihi.

The only thing letting me talk to you guys now (but not letting me try and read my 100+ emails) is the infamous USB net stick. Totally sucks.

Anyway, the room is being loitered, so it means having to hop off.
Til next time

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Morning guys! Just a small post before I get up and start getting ready to pop out for few errands. I finally have my camera working again, so woop woop and score 1 for me. Another woop woop? There is a high chanc my dear ol' stepdad will be back in time for Christmas!! BIGGER WOOP WOOP!

Now, in all seriousness, back to the topic at hand.........................................................WOOP WOOP!

Will be spending today watching some anime with my favourite housemate and eating bento. Who made octodogs? This guy ^^

I also re-did my nails last night and so far so good; no burning desire to rip them off and stomp on them.

That's about it for now, I'm afraid. I do have the link for the newest issue of Vivi and a few other tidbits in my proper post for later on today, but I'm a sadist that enjoys making people wait! Muahahahahahaha.....ha.

Until later,
xo Julia