Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Blog!

Ok guys, I'm changing where I blog to one that is purely about makeup and beauty on here >>
All new posts will now be on here!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Tad MIA?

Hey Guys!

I knowwww, I've been totally MIA for weeks now, but my blog has been pushed to the back of my mind in the midst of it all. My makeup collection has swelled, my hair is different, my room is different, my friends are a bit different, a lot has changed from how I was a few weeks ago. My mum came home, my brother dropped out of uni and I'm going to an independant college to do my Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services for next year! So in 2012, I'll be a fully licensed makeup artist and I'm SOOOOO EXCITED!

It's my school Athletics Carnival on Wednesday, which means that I get to dress up in a kooky costume and spend time with my equally kooky friends.

Am going out to buy some new things to help organise and store my makeup tomorrow, as I'm expecting another parcel full of makeup and I don't have enough room in my drawer sets for the last 2 parcels. Haven't been able to go to Officeworks to go and get that 12 drawer trolley set thing yet, but I intend to before my last term of high school. For like, ever. I just know that I'm going to bawl my eyes out at graduation. And then again during the speeches at the formal, an event that I still don't have any idea of what dress I'm wearing to. I did promise Joel that it would be purple, although I was going to have pink, it's easier for him to match if I'm the purple monster. lol.

It's getting pretty darn late here and I need to go to bed, it's a big day for me tomorrow!
Good to be back!