Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hump Day :(

Hey guys!

Only a few more days until my exam block starts and I'm so nervous! Hopefully everything will go so that I pass my math. Lol and everything else. Just got home from Coles, actually, cause the new DOLLY and SHOP came out today (along with the new Cosmo, but that can wait) and naturally I always buy DOLLY and SHOP has Alexa Chung on the cover.

School again tomorrow :( I so can't wait for the holidays so that I can sleep in! Going to make a list of all the things that I plan to do over the holidays:

Enrol at the Fashion School in Brisbane and start a course in Fashion Marketing
Grow my face chart portfolio
Clean my room from top to bottom
Volunteer for a charity or do something for charity
Continue planning for the fashion show (more ahead!)
Grow my journalism portfolio
Grow my trend hunting portfolio

Sounds like a lot but I'm hoping that I find time to do it all. A lot of portfolios in there too, which are important for anything to do with the future and my career!

About this whole 'planning for the fashion show': my friend Jane wants to do a fashion show to raise money for our formal. And because she knows that I like organising and all that jazz has asked me to be the makeup girl for the event, but I also want to contribute to planning. There will be models and music and nice clothes and gorge makeup (have to talk myself up, lol) that even if we don't raise much money, it'll still be fun.

Well there are oreas, Dare expresso and new magazines on my bed waiting to be read, so I'll leave you guys for now.

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