Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another one?!

Hey guys!

Ok, so on my mission to try and stop being lazy with my blog and my twitter I'm trying to at least click on them and put in any new stuff that is worth mentioning. Like nothing, except that I got my 15 concealor palette in the mail today! So happy when I got home and checked the box to find it sitting there. Now I just need to receive my 28 blush palette and it'll be all prettyful! Excuse my flamboyance this afternoon, but I'm trying to perk myself up before I go to work tonight. :*(

There is my new baby! I tested a few out on my hand and it feels pretty good, but the real test will be tomorrow for a full day at hectic school, as I'm already wearing a full face for work.

Well I had better love you and leave you guys, as I want to get to work early today so I can read a magazine or grab a quick bite. Hihi

Until my review!

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