Friday, June 4, 2010


Well guys it's an eventful day here.

I'm off school sick again, which I don't quite understand. Before it all I never got sick and now I seem to be in a permanent state of cold symptoms. Woke up this morning sounding like a homeless chain cigar smoker that was also a soul singer in their spare time. Yeah,my voice was really that bad.

While staying over at Elf's on Wednesday so we could go shopping instead of go to study (naughty naughty me. lol) I bought a really cute fleecy beanie type thing that is in the shape of a Chocobo from Final Fantasy. Take a looksi:
I look a tad demented when I wear it but it keeps me toasty. And I also bought a phone charm of Yuna in FFX.

But enough of geeky-ness, apart from giving a general update, I also logged on to give my own mini review of a foundation that I picked up during my adventures yesterday. The Australis Mineral Inject Liquid Foundation (on sale at Priceline for $12) has an SPF and doesn't clog pores. It's also housed in a handy pump bottle. I tried this foundation this morning (as I was going to school until I was told to stay home and see the Doc) and am still wearing it now, in a state of total unimpressed-ness. It applied fine and gives a sheer coverage, but by about midday there were patches in a couple areas of built-up product and my face feels like I dunked my head into a (cold and turned off) deep fryer. Short answer: if it wasn't so cheap I wouldn't have bought it.

Oh and I also received another foundation today in the mail: Rimmel 16Hour Matte Mousse Foundation at a grand total of $11.90 including postage. I'm just about to wash my face and test this out, so its a case of WATCH THIS SPACE for now.

And awaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy.

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