Monday, February 21, 2011


Good Morning! Or I guess I should say afternoon.......

Woke up again this morning due to the heat. But the next 3 days are looking to be tops of 25! And before I forget, I just have to show the picture that stopped my purikura hiatus:

I made it using the free site The photo that I have was in black and white and I used the wash out feature to make a little more 'puri-ish'.

On another topic, has anyone sidled over to allkpop to watch the new music video by Amuro Namie and AFTERSCHOOL? I'll link it and it's just so catchy and fun that it's going on repeat. Loove!

No sight of the mailman just yet, but he always comes on late on Monday. Interesting to see how the times of my next mailman will differ from my current hihi.

Kitty love!

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