Saturday, January 29, 2011

An Average Day

Hello to all!

Today is case of not a lot to report. Watching Korean drama's always make me feel dosmeticated and 'wifey' so my better part of the afternoon is going to be spent cooking for the family and cleaning the house. Apron is optional, lol. I do have to go back to work today and see Carol; as she was a flood victim she received 2 vouchers for a makeover at Terry White chemist worth $60. Carol isn't a makeup wearer, so she offered them to Tristin and I last night. I just have to pop in to see her and pick them up.

However I did just manage to catch a few promo pics of the upcoming MAC Sheen Supreme lipstick collection for Spring and it's pure, utter love! For the sake of pure makeup porn:

I'm totally digging the 5th one across and the light pinky purple.

It's now about 2 weeks til the Nail Art Day! I even made a Facebook event for it and an cute pink apron to wear. It's like a 'french maid' sort of half apron, with a white frill and the main part being baby pink. I also bought some blue circle lens and my lashes came on Thursday. I'm so tempted to go and get a tan to match my 'Aussie Gyaru Inspired' look that I've been loving. But back to the nail day.

So far the menu consists of flavoured milk, pink lamingtons, pink bunny onigiri, cake, mini m&m cookies, pocky, finger sandwiches and pink guava and coconut icey pops. See the running theme here? As I'm the one that organised the day I chose the menu and coming into my house always means pink or asian food. Often both. But we will end up wearing our creations, so I wanted the food to be easy picked up by fingers or chopsticks.

That's all for today; I might update a little later when I have more details on the makeover card.

Yours in love of pink lip gloss,

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