Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day!

For those that are Australian (like me!) Happy Aussie Day! For international, Australia Day is the day European settlers first touched down here and every year we get a public holiday to sit around and bask up the Aussie-ness. The skies are clear and blue and it's getting hotter by the minute. I have to work this afternoon, but as a rule we don't really do anything on A-Day except for sit and relax. The great Aussie dream!

Makeup News? My parental imposed ban ends this Tuesday and I already have several purchases lined up. And if anyone here follows Marlena over at MakeupGeek, you'll notice her weekly challenges are back up and running and this looks to be a fun one. You can only create a look using eye liners and I'm definately entering it. I also have up'ed my collection of MAC considerably; I caved during the ban and bought 11 new shadows. So if anyone asks, I just spent a lot on decodenwa and phone credit this month.

My must-have list after this ban is over has included the new Metal Mania eye shadows and the NYX HD primers after all the rave reviews I've seen on both Musings and The Fancy Face.

And a general update, we're moving very soon and I can't wait. Then it's beauty 4 days a week and uni for the last 3. Although we're moving to be closer to the uni for my brother, I'm doing my course via distance so that it doesn't clash with my beauty course.

So with that I'll leave you with a quote and a picture I've come to like recently:

The boundaries which divide life from death
are at best shadowy and vague.
Who shall say where one ends,
and the other begins?
Edgar Alan Poe
Have a  happy Wednesday!

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