Monday, January 3, 2011


Back again! This time, I'm thinking for good.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year! I had to work on both so there were no raging parties or drunken revelry, I'm afraid.

Originally, this post was going to be about MAC SA's and a general product rant but it's now 11pm and I have to start work at 6am tomorrow. So today is going to be a review/ swatches of all 28 NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. I bought these for $63.48 AUD just before Halloween (they were part of a 10% off Halloween sale) after playing with them in Groove and just generally lusting after them. So when I got the package about 12 days later from the US it only had 26. Turned out to be a massive 'my bad' as they were listed as having 2 colours sold out (which I received after they re-stocked 2 weeks later) that I didn't read.

Now, Jumbo Pencils retail for $3.99 on and on the NYX site. The only place to buy them in-store here is from Groove at $6.99 each. Massive difference when you want all 28. As with all of my online purchases, I factor shipping in with the total cost of an item and $6.99 is just way too harsh for one pencil, regardless of how much I love them.

Ok, so the NYX site says that:

'Jumbo eye pencils could be used for lining as well as shadows. Containing mineral oils and powders, the pencils do not dry out your eyes and applies smoothly without pulling of tugging.'

Now, I don't know how much success you're going to have in terms of using these as eye liners, but NYX are correct in that they apply smoothly. If you don't use a good primer (I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance) and then set with a powder eyeshadow, these are a complete nightmare. By themselves they crease and smear like crazy and only lasted on my lid for 20 minutes. Just for reference, I don't have oily lids nor dry lids.

When you set them with a powder eyeshadow, they intensify the colour and can give the shadow cool or warm undertones (depending on which colour you use) with minimal creasing. They store well in my collection and make great additions to anyone's makeup kit. The only annoying part is that you need a special sharpener to sharpen them, but they also melt like a dream if you want to put them into seperate jars. I haven't needed to sharpen mine yet, so I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Although NYX also make Jumbo Lip Pencils, I like to use the Hot Pink and Orange colours on my lips as well. They certainly don't last very long, but if I need a pop of colour for a few FOTD photos then I tend to reach for them. I haven't tried them as cheek colours, though.

Swatch-wise, they're really creamy and very pigmented. These photos were without Purple or Iced Mocha.

My favourites: Milk, Purple Velvet, Lavender, Pots and Pans, Pure Gold and Slate.

All in all, I will replace most of the colours when they run out and Milk and Slate have permanent positions in my kit.

General update:
Andy is home after a 7 day delay due to the snow stopping Heathrow.
The goof forgot my UD Naked palette and has to have his Mum ship it over.
Going to Inglot in the next fortnight!
Sale shopping with my girlies on Tuesday to pick up some new products.
I'm moving soon and get to design my bedroom!
It's still raining and most places are totally flooded here in QLD.
Just found out Avril is releasing a new album on the 8/3 and I'm not sure if I want it. Was never a major fan of her songs minus Sk8 Boi.
Planning my trip to Pa-rie and IMATS for this year!

Ok chicklets, I'm out. Be sure to let me know if you NYE was a rager or quiet.
xo julia

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