Monday, April 11, 2011


First off, OTD items that I had yesterday and forgot to upload the pictures of.

Trying to take a clear photo of my right hand was really hard. My FOTD is also very standard dolly style. I don't own a full length mirror, but you can see the shoes that I wore!

Put in all the forms for the house today. We should be living in it this Friday and I'm excited. It's pretty average and my room is smaller than my current one, but I see it as a challenge! I can also reach and see the top of the wardrobes, which is an added plus. Midget friendly bedrooms!

I'll be trying out the Hello Kitty mold I bought a few days ago for tomorrow's bento. But now it's time to have a quick nap and do some packing! 4 days to go!

xx Julia

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