Saturday, April 16, 2011

Second Night!

Evening everyone! Just cooked dinner for the first time in the new kitchen and so far it's pretty nice. About half of this house is unpacked and it's starting to feel more homely. My room is pretty much done; managed to keep all of my furniture in there and put up a few new posters. I'll take a few pictures when it's all done!

We also have a Kmart that is really close,so I'm looking to overhaul some of my storage and add a few cute things. Living up here gives me major access to everything; fashion, household etc. In a couple of weeks I'm going shopping for winter clothes. As we now live higher up, its a quite a few degrees colder.

Tomorrow is going to be spent cleaning and packing up the rest of the old house. I also got my UV gel curing lamp, so now it is just a case of waiting for the last materials and then onto the nail porn!

Well I'm off for now guys. I'm making a bento for tomorrow's lunch, so I'll take a few photos in the morning if have a few spare minutes.

Night all!
xx Julia

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