Friday, April 1, 2011


Hey guys, just a quick update. Taking a few days break from the blog cause of real life getting in the way. And the fact that I haven't been making bento or wearing any notable sort of makeup when I go out.

^^ is pretty much the extent of what I've been looking like for the past few days, just with a cardigan and a considerably smaller chest.

I did finish Heavy Rain again last night; Shaun still lived and he and Ethan got their happy ending, but I didn't pursue a relationship with Madison. I also sent Ethan to the wrong address, so Madison and Jayden were the ones to find Shaun andkill the Origami Killer. Well, Madison just got shot at and ran like hell; Jayden shot the O.K.

But enough rambling from me, as I have to finish my journalism assignment and start thinking about the review for the Etude House Baby Skin foundation that FINALLY came on Wednesday. Also had my student ID done today and it's the best ID photo I've ever had taken, even if it does look like I'm sitting on a pickle.

On another note, I've also almost used up my MUFE HD foundation and I'm really glad. I might do a review on it while I film the EH foundation review. To say it's not a favourite is an understatement.

Well I'm off guys, might be back later on tomorrow with a video review or two.


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