Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nails are done and it's bed time

Shower time and then bed! I finished playing Gears of War 2 today as well. The third is out this year and I have to get in a lot of practice after a few months of not playing at all. New nails fixed tonight are a little different than normal, in that they are not pink! But my next set will be pink and loud.

My set was inspired by these:

On Wednesday I went to Valleygirl with the girls and picked up a couple new shirts. I might start posting OOTD, to go with FOTD, NOTD and bento of the day (BOTD) just to confuse you all :P. I'm a little nosy in that I like to know what people are wearing or eating.

And my gel nail system has only a week left to get to me! I'm hoping like crazy that it arrives in time, even though we use mail forwarding and all that jazz, I'm really afraid that it'll get lost. I'm a stingy cow in that I don't pay for registered or express shipping. I've only lost one thing in the last 3 years, so go Auspost for being reliable! I did make a small sneaky nail polish order yesterday (OPI and Essie) but I used a friend's address. I've never used either brand, so I can't wait to try them.

Will be making a conscious effort to post my FOTD for tomorrow, as I'm thinnking of something lilac and frosty white.

Well I'm off for the night, guys. Got assignments and shopping to do tomorrow and then a social get together on Sunday. Must make strawberry tart!

Kitty love

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