Saturday, August 13, 2011

Popteen Sept 2011 PIC HEAVY!

Hey guys, just another pic-orientated post today. I've been as studious as Hermione Granger over the last few days and it's not very interesting to blog about! But I think the expression that sums up the last few days for me:

But in other news, I've dyed my hair again! It's currently in the between stages, as I have to wait another couple days before I can colour it again.

What my hair DID look like; a simple light golden brown. Please note, I AM wearing a proper shirt in the above pic, but my new bra has one of those sort of 'scalloped' edges and I found it looks cute peeking out a wee bit. But I put a pretty heavy duty bleach in my hair a couple hours ago.............. came out like this. The colour that I'm in the middle of making my hair is called Natural Baby Blonde. It's waay lighter than the light brown I had. In terms of damage, it doesn't actually feel crispy at all considering I also blow dried it to see the colour. But it'll have to be a case of wait and see when I put the final colour through.

In other news I have the entire scanned issue of Popteen September that I'm also going to put up. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Download the rest of the magazine HERE

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