Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gyaru Photo Dump and Top 5 Things

Hey guys, just another sort of photo dump today and a Top 5 set 'tag' that I came across the other day.

5 things I can't live without:
Laptop, Music, Hello Kitty, BB Cream, Video Games!
5 movies I love:
Harry Potter, Mulan, The Digimon Movie, Love Actually, He's Just Not That Into You.

5 dishes I can never get sick of eating:
Broccoli, Strawberries, Fried Rice, Instant Beef Noodles, Egg and Lettuce Sandwiches.

5 cities that I want to visit: 
Tokyo, Seoul, London, New York, Rome.

5 things I want to do in my life:
Write a Novel, Find Inner Peace, Learn Another Language, Be Editor of a Publication, Visit the Moon.

5 things I dislike:
Forgetting Important Details, Paying Rent, Girls Acting Dumb on Purpose, Sexism, Sunburn.

Hope everyone has a good day!

xo Julia

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