Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Good afternoon! It's been a little bit lazy today hihi, as I've been running about non-stop for the past few days. My room mate moved out a couple days ago and the house has been all over the place. Currently deciding as to whether I want to change her old room into my study/wardrobe, but until I know for sure that one of my other friends are not moving in its a ghost town. Annnnnnnnnnd in other news, I finally took a decent shot of my new hair colour!

Out of the few I took, this one was the best.

And today I also come bearing the most recent issue of EGG Beauty, minus the ads. Download it HERE.
As per all of my download links, you'll need Winzip or something similar to view or unzip the images. Here are a few scans!

Have a good day!

xoxo Julia

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