Saturday, August 27, 2011

K-drama, MV and Sweetie!

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I just could not resist posting this photo I took of my little cutie Tamaki (left) and my brother's cat, Houdini (right) of how they were just sitting waiting for their lunch! Not much in the way of content tonight, I'm afraid. I've been watching the korean drama City Hunter for most of the day and it keeps getting better. i WAs so fortunate to stumble across this website that I can download and watch it from, rather than rely on watching it in parts on Youtube. You can download all the episodes HERE. I use FileServe, as it takes the least amount of time for me to download. I must admit, I've fallen pretty bad for the character Kim Nana, her lounge/home clothes are so adorable!

Annnnnnd while trawling through a few days ago I found a new girl group MV that is so catchy and the video is right up my alley.

But then I heard that it wasn't allowed to be shown on korean TV at a certain time because of the content?! Granted, their TV guidelines are different to ours here, but it still seems a bit of an overkill.

In other news, I actually ate chicken tonight at dinner. It would have been 7 years this Christmas (hihi I actually stopped eating meat Christmas Day) that I hadn't eaten meat, but for some reason I just felt like teriyaki chicken and rice for dinner. I won't eat any other meats, but for now I'm happy to venture back into eating chicken.

I haven't bothered to take any sort of FOTD in quite some time as my 'everyday' look of late has been that barely there, korean 'actress' look. But a shopping trip is planned for next weekend with one of my dear friends when she comes to stay, so keep an eye out for goodies!

Until next time,
xo Julia

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