Friday, July 1, 2011

New Anime!

Hello all! Back on the blogging bandwagon to bring you a new anime that I've become enraputered with called Yumeiro Patissiere. It's a very shojo, girly anime about 14 year old Amano Ichigo as she follows her dream of becoming a patissiere. Personally, I have fallen for this anime really hard! It's just so cute and yummy that I always bake sweets after watching it.

In the middle of more housing applications and I've spent more time on the phone these last couple days then I have the entire year! But all references and the like have been contacted and now it's just a matter of waiting for the final OK. I'm so excited and on the verge of prayer we get it for one major reason; I could make a room into my own walk in wardrobe! It wouldn't fit my makeup, but it would mean having a place for my clothes and shoes.

Off now to go and do my nails. I recently got all the materials to do my own gel nails and it's the night to also do my own glittertips. But the only glitter I have is my MAC Relfects Pink glitter, so maybe I should wait? I'll see how it all goes and upload my efforts tomorrow morning.

xoxo Julia

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