Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hey guys! Just another small post today. I subscribe to their channel and have started reading JELLY magazine religiously for this one model; Mana Honda. Now, when it comes to gyaru I prefer cuter, preppy, more girly and floral styles like in Popteen and anything I've seen Tsu-chan wear. But Mana isn't exactly gyaru, she's a bit more grown up and while gyaru definately follows trends, she sticks to them to a T.

Well she's become the navigator of an (I'm assuming online only) series that documents her going to different stores all around Tokyo. When I stumbled across the channel she features on called Kawaii.i, she was going about several popular stores in Shibuya 109 looking at the new stock and current trends. I opened up my YT page today to see that another episode has been uploaded and that day she went to a cute and cheap homewares type shop. View the video HERE.

It has cemented my love for Shibuya now lol. I still live at home, but it doesn't stop me from buying cute things to decorate the house!

In just a few short weeks will be going on the biggest shopping trip of my life so far!

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