Monday, July 25, 2011

Popteen August Issue!

Download the new issue here!

Today was quite a nice day. The BFF and I went into town to shop at the main mall and look at a few anime shops. I try to avoid them as much as I can as I always spend more money then I should hihi.

Me, the BFF and my roommate as the red lipstick brigade!

Her trying out my hair extensions. She recently bought her own set from the same seller as myself.

I didn't even spend terribly much. We had lunch and walked around browsing the shops until our feet started to hurt. I found so many cute things, but instead just bought 2 sets of velcro hair curlers. Doing an experiment to see if these are better to achieve gyaru curls instead of relying on heat to style.

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Nenacho☆ said...

Thank you for the new magazine!! *o*

By the way I like your hair so much!! I like the red and blonde blend!!! *o*