Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Please note, this game is intended for people over the age of 15, as it contains heavy violence, language and blood and gore. If you're not old enough, please do not click!

I just got linked this in an offline message and am unsure as to how I missed it! Gears of War is one of my all time favourite video game series and the final installment is released later on this year. I did watch quite a few videos of E3 this year (live at 3am; lucky I don't have school!) and this, by far, is looking amazing.

Quite a few more 'leaks' and other such information has slipped and many have already watched or been made aware of the ending. I absolutely REFUSE to even google it in case I read or click something that will spoil it all for me. I do know it ends happy, but why would you play a game for several years to an ending that is simply a massacre? Although it would certainly suprise more than a few people hihi!


halloween.valentine said...

hi, i found ur blog through ur review on skinfood's undereye concealers. in the video ur wearing like a deep red lipstick--I was wondering what brand it was if u happen to remember!

Julia said...

Hi! That video was filmed with my webcam, so it made most things a bit gray and darker. From my best memory, the lipstick I wore was a Revlon red, but it was from their matte range. And I also believe I wore a Revlon mineral gloss on top that was a dark as well. I hope it helps!