Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still feeling very under the weather, but am now armed with yummy strawberry ice cream and Ouran High School Host Club anime. Loved that anime for ages now; I named my now 2 years old kitten (he's still looks 8 months old! He's so tiny!) after Tamaki.

My Kitchen Rules is on in 40 minutes as well. And my YT videos are still having issues uploading. But I'm using the MovieMaker upload option, so hopefully it does something this time!

And check this out! While I'm not quite as 'kitty-fied' this really makes the men in yourlife twice before questioning..........THE KITTY! Hihi

Well I'm away for now guys. Trying to make blogging more of a habit instead sporadically, but sometimes I think I may be posting and it's a bit boring. But this is a blog about little ol' me, so I don't feel so bad!

Kitty love!

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JuliaMaraClara said...

hai...my name also julia...i'm also bachelor in art at univeristy in malaysia...it was a coincidence that i saw your blog...have a nice day then...