Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back, but still with slow updates

Hey guys! Just wanted to give another heads up. I have assignments due for all of next week as well as my birthday being on Tuesday, so my updating is going to be a little more inconsistant than it already is.

But in other news I finished Heavy Rain again! My ending was still the same but I did some scenes differently (my Ethan got caught in Marble street and my Jayden busted him) and finished it at 6am this morning. Now I'm on a mission to grab the DLC and do that as well. But I also have an idea of a few video tutorials that I'm doing in the next month.

I love video games and for my YT channel I'm going to do a series of looks inspired by elements/characters/era of that game. Mass Effect, Gears of War, Heavy Rain, Metal Gear Solid and Prince of Persia are on my list and I already have a pretty good idea of the looks that I'm going to do. I'm not sure about how many looks I'm going to do with Mass Effect and Gears of War, but I will be having only 4 looks from Heavy Rain.

It's safe to say HR is my new most favourite thing in the world. I even downloaded the soundtrack to listen to; it instantly changes the mood of any room I play it in.

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