Friday, March 4, 2011

Dueba Big DM 23 Circle Lens Review

 Here it is, as promised: my review of the Dueba Big DM 23 circle lens in blue from HoneyColor. To my knowledge, circle lens are not sold in stores here in Australia. I'm also unsure if they are approved by the Australian FDA (cannot for the life of me remember as to what this is actually called).

Circle lens are lenses aimed at enlarging the iris of the eye and creating more animated or 'dolly' eyes. They can change the eye colour (to a degree) and be as bold or natural as you like. They can also be 'plano' or have a prescription. Most sites include a free lens case with each pair. These are approved by the Korean FDA but NOT by the US FDA. This does not mean they are unsafe in any way, as the US FDA also banned Vegemite from the US for having too much vitamin B12. And this is a fact. As with any other contact lens, circle lens should not be slept in overnight or worn for more than 10 hours. Just use common lens sense.

These are my first pair of lenses; circle or otherwise. The colour for these lenses is similar to sky blue, with a darker blue closer to the rim and then a black rim. These do not have a circle for the pupil in the middle of them and have a gradiant style, making them a much more natural option. They are 14.5mm and come in brown, blue, grey, green and pink.

The Dueba Big DM 23 lenses blended extremely well with my natural, icy blue natural colour. They didn't look too overtly unnatural, nor did they offer minimal enlargement. My brother did call me an alien and my stepdad refers to me as 'frog eyes' everytime I wear them.

Also, before I start to discuss the comfort level with these lenses, please note that I use Refresh Tears Plus eye drops for dryness and irritation after putting in my lenses, after my makeup and every 3-4 hours of wear.

As these are my first lenses, I'm afraid I have nothing to compare them to. But I have worn these for 10 hours and they are as comfortable as they were when I first put them in. It's not uncommon for me to fall asleep in the car with them in, but never for longer than 25 minutes. I change my solution every time I open the lens case and clean them every second wear. I have forgotten that I was wearing them a few times as well.

Overall, I will definately buy these same lenses in another colour as they left quite a comfortable impression. I also hope to be extending my lens collection after moving.

My make shift photography studio! Pikachu was too shy to strike a pose hihi. Now off to the kitchen to bake something yummy in the rainy weather.

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