Sunday, November 13, 2011


Yes, that title will do nicely.

Hey guys, I know it's been....what, over 2 weeks now since I last posted anything. My bad, but the very morning that I was actually going to write up a new blog post, the internet got cut off. Complete.Meltdown. It should be up Tuesday at the latest, but I'm holding out that it'll be back up tomorrow so I can do a proper post and check all my updates. AND YOUTUBE! And gyaru_secrets and the gyaru blogs I read and all that other fun stuff.

Let's just say that going cold turkey on the internet is not a fun experience. Especially not when I wanted to order some new prescription circle lens and do the Christmas shopping. If anything, the house is probably the cleanest it's ever been because I have nothing to do. Uni was in exams and starts up again in a couple days and I feel really slack just watching TV all day. Makes me wonder as to what suburban housewives of the 60's did to pass the time..........but luckily Bewitched has helped me to understand hihi.

The only thing letting me talk to you guys now (but not letting me try and read my 100+ emails) is the infamous USB net stick. Totally sucks.

Anyway, the room is being loitered, so it means having to hop off.
Til next time

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