Thursday, November 24, 2011

Puffy Eye Trend

Hey guys, this is just going to be a mostly image-focused post for today, as I have Penn & Teller's Bullshit playing in the other window.

I just wanted to show you guys a new trend that's popped up (^^ pun intended) in Popteen; the Puffy Eye Bag trend! Now, in the Western beauty world, having eye bags is considered to be ageing and should be avoided at all costs. But in Korea, this trend thrives as it's believed to give a cute, youthful and 'happy' appearance to the eyes. I personally have natural undereye bags that don't require anything but a swipe of shimmer eyeshadow on the tear duct area.

As Popteen has become less gyaru and more focused on girlier items but is still fashionable, I can really understand as to why they would feature an entire several page spread to it. However, most of the models have very slight bags, so the idea is to use a shimmer eyeshadow and then a light brown colour to contour underneath to accentuate the eye bag. This sounds absolutely insane and something that has my Mum furrowing her brow. As someone that watches a lot of Kdrama, I love this trend and think it just adds that little something extra to your eye makeup.

I'll let the scans speak for themselves!

As always, click the images to enlarge.

Will you be trying the trend?

Until next time,
xo Julia


Dusty Girl said...

Hi from Singapore! \(^^)/ came across ur kawaii blog today and I like it, so pink! I love preparing asian food too and I love the anime black butler!

Julia said...

Hi Dusty Girl! Thank you so much for your kind comments ^^ I do love pink very much hihi.

I'm currently writing down a couple of recipes from one of my favourites sources of Japanese recipes; it's a Youtube channel called Cooking With Dog. Lol it doesn't mean using dog as a meat, but the host is a french poodle named Francis. It's very helpful.

I'm checking out that anime right now! I recently finished re-watching Ouran High SchoolHost Club anime and was hunting for a new one <3

Dusty Girl said...

My FAV is an old anime cardcaptor sakura but non of my friends know about it. Have u seen it before?

I love pink too my blog used to be pink but have just re-designed it to be more "zen" plus phone instant snaps. hehe!

Wow cookingwithdog has very clear videos! I like it with subtitles. Thanks for the recommendation Julia! The pooch does look bored lol.

z00tles said...

And to think, I wake up every morning and do everything I can to get RID of this look lol