Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Issues and Update!

Hello my little Christmas elves! It's starting to get a lot more festive (and warmer) here in Aus and I'm almost reading to start my advent calender ^^

Can't say that it's been very interesting on my end. Been doing a bit of decorating and whole lot of ebay surfing. I'll be doing a collective haul very soon and few other little things. Trying to get into being a responsible young adult but when you live at home, it gets difficult. I'm on a mission to take up the 365 day image challenge, though. For those that haven't heard of it, it's where you upload at least one image a day everyday for an entire year. As someone that is a chronic quitter, this should be good for me!

My dear old stepdad will be back in time for Christmas and is voluntarily *ahem* letting me 'borrow' his new Blackberry. A b'day gift from his Nan, he has no clue how to use it and adhere's to the saying 'You shouldn't put dumb people behind smart phones.'

Been looking all over a few phone case sites, as I do think I will like the Blackberry because a good friend of mine has the same model and she loves it. She had the same phone as my current phone before I did and she enjoyed it, hence why I bought it.

Ohohohohoh! I was just looking at my ebay and my offer got accepted by the seller! I've been looking at the possibility of buying a wig or two for months now but I've only just plucked the courage to buy one. With Christmas approaching so quickly and just getting busier in general, tying my hair into a bun, squeezing on a wig cap and then popping on a wig just seems so much easier. I'll be sure to do a review and all that jazz about wigs a little later on.

Oh, and I also have the download link for the new issue of EGG. Download HERE and enjoy!

I still have a love for EGG, even if my style belong more in Popteen.

Well that's all for tonight guys. In the next few days I'll be doing a post on my new hair colour, DIY Christmas gift ideas and a couple recipes that I really want to share!

So, I'll leave you with my current favourite song and a pic of my baby boy.
Until  next time!
xo Julia

'Hehe, hello Mummy!'

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