Saturday, September 24, 2011

Long Time No See!

Afternoon everyone, just another small one from me today. I've been quite boring the last few days and grumpy, so it's meant holing up in my bedroom like a hermit reading fan fiction and watching Kirarin Revolution. Oh, my teachers would be so proud if they could have witnessed it. I did leave the house on Wednesday to visit my BFF Elfy, who was getting micro bead hair extensions put into her hair. While she dropped a few hundred bucks that day, I went home and ebay'ed the same extensions (to DIY is less than $100 for human hair) and Youtube'ed how to put them in. Guess who has an activity for next week? This girl!

But in happier news, I was able to get my hands on the download link for the new issue of Japanese Seventeen. I've never actually read the Japanese version (I'm subscribed to the US one, however) but the 2 uniformed girls on the front swayed me. Virtually flicking through it, it's a school special from the looks (which I love, cause although I'm not in high school, I still use stationery and such for uni) with uniforms, bags etc. Seeing the emphasis placed on uniforms and uniform inspired garments is also interesting, as quite a few school in Tokyo no longer have policies regarding school uniform. I've 'read' a CUTiE magazine school special and its helpful for everyday hair ideas, as these girls aren't trying to be kogal/gyaru, just everyday schoolgirls. A definate refresher from the dolly-eyed, bleached girls of EGG and Ranzuki.

Download Seventeen HERE

Daily Tidbits:
- Not finding the download links for the October issue of Popteen is making me pull my hair out! Mizukitty is on the front cover.............ARGGGGGHHHHH.
- Strangly enough, I've started to eat more  and I've somehow lost weight? Not sure how my body is doing it but good body <3
- I tacked a new sign to our toilet door:
 Please note this toilet is no longer a properly functioning entrance to the Ministry of Magic due to plumbing issues.'
- This sign was then tragically torn to shreds by my dear little kitten, who promptly coughed it up with a hairball on the carpet.
- As my revenge, he will be dressing as an anime cat butler for Halloween.
- Been listening to Chris Brown's Yeah x3 in bouts of 3.

That's about all for today, guys. I won't have an uploaded images of my own until Monday at least, as my housemate left for the weekend and took her camera batteries back :(

Until next time,
xo Julia

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