Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hey guys. I have been so absolutely shagged the last few days. Couple that with course work and watching a new anime, it doesn't really make an interesting blog post hihi. But I've been going through all of the scans I have for bento books and thought to post some! I've been making bento since 10th grade, but as I no longer go to high school and don't eat my lunch anywhere but here at home, I pretty much stopped making bento everyday when I graduated. I've been trying to ease myself back into it, as it means I eat much regularly and I always eat good things. I tend to be much more nocturnal and barely eat during the day, but when watching anime and doing course work at night, I always reach for the instant ramen and other 'snackables' that aren't good for me.

Bento is often shown online as being very cute and compact. It's something packed by mother's in Japan for their children to take to school and can also be a way of expressing affection for another. In recent years its become quite popular over in the West. Livejournal has a community dedicated to it and there are numerous sites (including trusty eBay!) that sell boxes and accessories. There are so many blogs for it that its gotten so very easy to find inspiration and drool on your keyboard........or is that just me hihi?

Please note, I've found these scans from all over the place and only a small fraction are on the cuter part of the bento spectrum. I find it very easy to locate cute bento online, but a much more simple, basic bento are harder to come by and less time consuming to make. So without further ado, I present to you my collection of bento book scans.

And that's it! As always, click to make them bigger. I'm off for now; the new anime I've been watching is Hellsing and you can't keep pausing and playing it. Been on a real violent kick for everything lately, maybe its just my subconscious getting reading for Gears of War 3?

Until next time,
xo Julia

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Lau Lotte said...

Thank you so much for scans !