Monday, September 5, 2011

Hey guys, it's been a little bit since I last posted. I accidentally blew out a fuse in that box that has all of the electricity controls (is it obvious that I'm not an electrician?) and the only thing that I figured out was how to turn on the garage light. Yeah, not a very good example of a modern, independant woman as I ended up calling for a man. And I wasn't trying to instant a disco ball or any other sort of awesome thing either; all I did was turn on the kettle for a cup of tea. I didn't end up GETTING said tea for about 12 hours until we had the fuse fixed. It meant spending most of the night very much like this:

But on a brighter note, spent 5 hours shopping on Saturday. Was absolutely shagged upon returning home, but I got some really cute new goodies.....which may or may not include a Harry Potter t-shirt. But according to Poppy, having a shirt of any house that isn't Gryffindor makes me a traitor (and just to clarify, I ended up going for a Slytherin shirt) and an evil one at that. When I find my bloody camera I'll be sure to take a few pictures for the blog. Some people have a tendency to lose their keys all the time, I'm just one the few that always lose their camera.

Halloween is approaching for all those who celebrate it. Here in Australia we don't have trick or treating or any other such like, but people normally throw parties. I love how they always have cheap, 'goth' decorations and makeup; I get to pick up a few extras for the costume part of my makeup kit and some new homewares hihi. I'm not a goth myself, but I do like to have new additions for my shelf (instead of cabinet, le sigh) of curiousities. And I always enjoy dressing up, even if its just to sit down and watch Harry Potter or Yumeiro Patissiere.

On another note, the latest Tomb Raider game will be out soon enough and I'm torn. Tomb Raider was one of the defining games of my childhood and I've been scarred by it ever since Legend. But one of my favourite YT beauty gurus did a Tomb Raider tutorial that has me all excited for the games again.

Her natural lip size also helps, but some careful lip liner application and plumping gloss would help if your not as naturally gifted, hihi.

Until next time,
xo Julia

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