Sunday, September 11, 2011

EGG September

Hey guys, found the link for the September issue of EGG. As usual, download HERE.

Been really quiet here lately. I've been getting sick a lot more, so maybe its time to finally workout or something lah. I've also *finally* made my own Tumblr account to keep up with blogs, rather than just sit on my butt and go through my history (too much much porn.........JKS!) to see what ones I follow. In the next few days I'll compile a list of my favourite blogs, as Tumblr is the best for gyaru.

I've been quite lazy the last few days; done no school work, next to no cleaning (WHY DON'T I HAVE A MAID?!) and bugger all cooking. I did give an attempt to tidy my room today, but all of my clothes are just sitting on my bed for me to push off at bed time and my shoe shelves are dusted and organised. Priorities, people, priorities! Tomorrow is another weekday and I have to start studying again. Why don't I have a live in slave or someone to do my homework?

In more exciting news, one of my favourite bloggers, Xiaxue, did a room tour for ClickNetworkTV that was uploaded recently. As a fellow pink and Juicy Couture lover, I may or may not have wet myself in excitement for it. Her room is just so bloody cute! Watch it HERE. If your on the younger scale, Xiaxue isn't quite child-friendly.

Determined to take photos tomorrow of everything, I have been far too lazy and there is no excuse! Lol but I did find a very nice recipe for Custard Pudding I want to try tomorrow, so I'll show you guys my work and see if I'm the next Masterchef? Hihi :)

That's it for tonight, I'm afraid. Trying to get to bed and sleep before midnight so I don't sleep in til 11am everyday. I miss the morning cartoons!

Until next time,
xo Julia

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