Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shopping Weekend Buys

So excuse my lazyness over not taking pics sooner. I still can't find my camera batteries and NO, they're not in my camera. Scarily enough that's happened where I thought I had list my batteries and they were in my camera the whole time; I was pressing the wrong button to try and turn it on. Sigh, but anyway.

The last weekend was filled with shopping (and I also went and saw Kick Ass, more on that later) and while I am now completely broke and it's good to see that there are things in my wardrobe and on my desk to compensate. Moving On!

Ok, now I'm still new to this whole Blogger thing, so I haven't quite figured out how to do typing directly above pics so instead will just make a list up here of each thing. Oh and the clothes were taken in the morning and everything else at night. I just used the camera that's integrated with my laptop so excuse the quality!

1. Top from Supre. French-themed fashion is everywhere lately and this top is really cute. Not exactly winter-y, but meh.
2. My laptop! Got woken up on Thursday morning by my Mum who said
"Wake up and get dressed, we have errands to do and we might look about getting your laptop." Um, hell yes?
3. GHDs. I actually got these for my 17th (22nd of March) but this is the 1st time that I've documented their existence.
4. Earring from eQUIP. These were on sale at $7 off and are so cute! I don't really like wearing dangly earrings but I'm going to try these at least once.
5. Tofu plush mobile phone holder. Another item I haven't been able to document. Have had this for a few weeks and it looks really cute next to my HK bedside table.
6. Assorted gum from the international food store in town. I don't really like gum but these were really cute to not spend a few dollars. Don't want to open them!
7. My limited edition Hanari Tofu Reindeer Plush. This still has tags and was only sold in Japan. An eBay find a few weeks back.
8. VS Sasson hair dryer on sale at Harvey Norman. I've never owned my own so thought it was time to break the bank and spend (GASP! SHOCK! HORROR!) $19 on a new one. It's actually really good.
9. Hello Kitty head bands! I didn't actually buy these but when we got home from shopping my Mum pulled them from her bag. I haven't worn them yet but they're so cute!
10. Supre A'Line Cardi. Supre was having a big 20% off everything sale so I bought a few newpieces from there. This was meant to show my Mum that I at least TRIED to buy winter clothes. Try being the key word here. lol
11. French tee from Cotton On. I originally saw this in an issue of Dolly or Girlfriend for $24.95. I bought it on sale at $5.
12. Purple top frpm Target. I haven't really got anything to say about this one, except that it has a cool design and fabric contrast.
13. National Compliments Day (which is today!) top from Supre. I wore this on the second shopping trip and felt like such a Supre addict when I went up to the counter to pay for the second wave of clothes (the rack that they were on was right next to the counter and the girl that served me was wearing one too. Love those girls.).
14. Faux necklace top by Free Fusion at Target. I don't normally fit into their clothes but this top fit like a charm. On sale too.
15. Oversized Bow Top again, from Supre. And, yet again, the salesgirl was wearing this top and she looked really cute, so hence, it was run and grab while she bagged up my other items.

New laptop! I'm typing on it now!
And I think that now that's it for the shopping part. On Sunday the family went out to lunch at Sizzlers and we went and saw the new movie Kick Ass, which has Aaron Johnson from the Angus movie and McLovin from Superbad in it. A lot of parent groups have slammed the movie cause the main girl that swears and kills people in awesome ways is 11 and that it's advertised for kids. As you will find yourself aware of as of now, I hold a very high level of contempt for any parent and religious group that bitches about the ratings system and of violence in movie and (in particular, this annoys me the most) video games. It's a very simple case of 'Don't like it? Don't let your kids play/ see it." Pretty damn simple really.

I remember that there was so much hooha when they released Condemned 2:Bloodshot. I've played the game and while it has graphics that are photo-realistic and it's in first person, people seem to forget that it was violent and bloody FOR A REASON. In the game your in the 'condemned' parts of the city where people are killing everyone around them and when you're going a tad insane yourself and have no real weapon to defend yourself, natural human reaction is to just find whatever you can and stay alive. Your tracking a serial killer!

But enough of that now. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day while I go and play Gears of War 2 on the new TV. Another game named and shamed by parents for it's MA15+ content. Guess I'm going to Hell then. Better see if I can reserve a front seat ticket.

talk to you later

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