Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Bento and Purikura

Hey Guys

Been really lazy as of late when it comes to updating ANYTHING but with the return of school means that I have to continue work. Been having a bit of slump week in terms of mood but the sunshine of this morning (albeit there are a few grey clouds lurking in my perfect blue sky but it shouldn't rain til later) and a good night sleep does wonders. Well, that and discovering a really cute new site to use all my printer's ink with lol.

Purikura! The art of taking photos and putting new, cute frames, 'stickers', asian phrases etc onto the picture to make it animated (excuse the pun, lol) and then printing it off. In Japan they have booths where you take the pics and then have a big screen to change them with. I think they also have sticky backs. But anyway, here in country-ish (not big enough to call a 'suburb of sorts' but not small enough to call inbred and middle of nowhere) Australia that doesn't exist. Hell we don't even have normal photo booths here. Sigh.

But this site is free and you don't have to sign up for an account if you don't want to (excuse the sales tone of my voice. I get like this when I discuss hair heat stylers or anything skin care.I'm a little ashamed of this lol) but unless you crop it out, there will be a small banner at the bottom of the 'done' pic for advertising purposes.

I did my 1st purikura pic to my facebook profile pic last night. Ta - Da!

Since I would be using it for my facebook, I didn't go too OTT with stickers and deco.

OOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH! I also bought a new bento today. It's been so long since I've been bothered to make cute bento or cute nails. Getting back into the swing of things!

Anyway, my battery is about to die and it's cereal-for-lunch o'clock.


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