Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Short Story for English - Othello Scene Re-Worked

I just finished typing up my short story for English; we had to take a scene from Othello and re-work it so it was more modern but we could still know who each character was. For mine I re-did the killing of Emilia at the hands of Iago. It's a bit long but I'm proud of it! My enter key isn't working either.

She was running as fast as her body would allow. Sweat dripped from her forehead and She made quick swipes to clarify her vision. If She was caught, it would spell a horrible, bloody death at the hands of the city's current night demon: SeKill10. The man, who had a body count of twelve found victims, had executed each victim in more numerously grizzly ways than the last. However, each  time another victim was discovered, they had all possessed the same bone-chilling similarity; their fingers had been hacked from their hands and crudely crammed down their throats, with their eyes ripped from their sockets and clasped in each individual hand.
However, the Forensic Unit's lead investigator had remained adamant that this was not how they had died, but her Superiors determined that she was not to release that vital shred of information to the public; lest the precinct be over stretched and forced to deal with protesters.
Terrifyingly enough, He had appeared completely average, apologetic, even, when She had confronted him in regard to the rumor He had dispersed within the precinct pertaining to the Commissioner and his wife. She had felt furious upon learning that anyone would choose to believe his elaboration on the friendship shared between the Commissioner's wife and his trusted Captain. Little did She know (that something that could be so easily misconstrued as petty by an outsider) would result in her death chase. It was only hours earlier that had teamed together to compile an update to the SeKill10 profile with which was to aid in the narrowing down of potential suspects; and He could not have been further from polar opposite of the profile.
After thoroughly examining each crime scene carefully, She had been able to predestine his methods of choice and the pattern that was fast becoming his trademark. The infamous SeKill10 was brutal and relentless and this only rattled her further as fragments of the police report She had written earlier flooded back to her. He was a sociopath, incapable of feeling remorse and his cruel actions were fueled by his own selfish desires. He perceived both the atrocities and investigation as a game; one that He enjoyed immensely, like a cat that caught a mouse and is having a particularly large amount of festivity in watching it struggles to scurry away. But this was what He lived for, the very reason with which He breathed and employed a face of total sobriety in his day to day activities.
His last victim had been much more conspicuous. A seventeen year old police intern, was found i an abandoned warehouse and had the same similarities as her fellow victims. But, when She was called down to the lab and informed of the cause of death, She was forced to remain upright with the help of a nearby workbench, as She had almost thrown up. SeKill10 had slit the intern from sternum to pelvis, removed her intestinal tracts ad had strangled her with them in her remaining minutes of life. It sickened her to the core.
Running still, She was able to make out the dark shape of a an ample building ahead and sprinted toward it as fast as her exhausted frame would permit. As She approached it, She recognized it as the derelict hotel far from the city's outskirts. She flew up the stairs and burst through the door, frightening several local rats in the process. Eyes darting from left to right and back again, She recalled a rough sense of direction as She scrambled to where the hotel restaurant's kitchen once was. As soon as She was inside, she barred the doors with a misplaced oven and leaned on it, She slowly slid to the ground and caught her breath.
But it took only seconds for him to find her and He charged at the door like an ox before He victoriously entered the dilapidated kitchen. She had only seconds to awkwardly rise from the floor before He lunged and knocked her unconscious. She crumpled to the floor and could groggily reminisce the feeling as her form was dragged from the room. She was at his mercy now and He looked at her with triumphant eyes.
She awoke with her head swimming and eyes sensitive to the bright, white light that hung from a single light bulb above her head. It did, however, only take her seconds to register the previous events and in doing so, She jerked her torso in an attempt to sit upright, only to be thrust down again by the rusty chains attached to her wrists and ankles. She heard slow, controlled footsteps behind her as He removed his form from the shadows and sidled to her side. He smirked, which only contributed to her overwhelming anxiety and fear.
"It's good to see that you're awake. I was starting to think that I might have been to heavy handed and ended the fun before it even had a chance to blossom into something extraordinary." He was taking pleasure in seeing her nerve dissolve and her human instincts to settle in. She took a deep breath before she uttered her response.
"All I have is one question." Her voice was beginning to give up on her as sheer terror replaced coherent thought. His curiosity got the better of him and he tilted his head to the side attentively. She shivered at his interest.
"Why the Commissioner? Why the Captain? Why are you doing this? Why....... - She was cut off as He placed a hand over her mouth to silence her.
"Because," He replied smoothly "It was about time that the Captain and the Commissioner were reminded of how the order of the world is to be. We can't have a black superior for he will taint us as he did his wife and the Captain. The position that was and still is rightfully mine will not be tarnished by your slander." He made reference to the snippet of conversation He had heard earlier between herself and the Captain.
"And besides," He continued. "There is nothing you nor the universe can do; my will has been done and she lives no more. I have already seen to it that the Commissioner listened to me and has disposed of the one he holds dear." Her eyes widened upon this realization and She struggled harder.
"But the question now is what to make of you. I cannot let you leave, for you would do everything in your power to hinder my progress and that would just ruin my merriment." He made his way to a wooden hardware bench across the room and picked up a tool. And the last thing that She heard was her own blood-curdling scream as it flooded the basement of the hotel.

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