Monday, March 1, 2010

New Layout and Update on Me!

It's just another rainy afternoon here and I have free reign over the computer............RUN! Lol, I thought it was time for a new layout because I was getting sick of the old one and the titles and colours and everything was just starting to look totally wrong. But I actually have some really exciting (on my part, at least) news!

A while ago my Mum got engaged to Andy and he came over to Australia from the UK and was here for a few months until his visa expired. But anyway he got a PERMANENT visa a few weeks ago and now I get to go to the airport with the family in the really early hours of tomorrow morning to go and pick him up!

Also I was playing around with make up on the weekend (in between playing Mass Effect 2. BEST.RPG.EVER.) and taught myself how to do this really cool look. It's a feature eye, but the eyelid is pink leopard print! It take a hellava lot of patience and some practice with liquid liner, although the end look is completely kooky cool. It reminds me of my best friend Elf (she has a crazy obsession with anything leopard print) and Barbie. If I find time later on I'll re-do the look and picture document.

Sigh I have to go and get everything ready for tomorrow morning, so that when I turn onto autopilot (due to the hour) it's all lain out.

Love julia

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