Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sorry guys! It's now been 3 weeks since I last posted! Been completely swamped with school work and all wrapped in finishing Mass Effect. Still haven't even gotten hold of a copy of the new Final Fantasy yet, but apparently the graphics are orgasmic.

My brother is spending the night with a friend of his up in Brisbane (where he goes to Uni) so I've been given free reign over his computer for (cough) 'some quality assignment time'. Which involves Facebook and AsiaJam forums to keep up my concentration. But in all actuality all of my assignments are being pushed back to next term, which is great when you're a major procrastinator, much like me. But today has been quite bearable and I've only had to withdraw one small, teeny-tiny excuse as to why my modern history draft has not made its way to The Van's desk in time for the holidays.

I've even found time to get off my lazy butt and make a much needed trip to the library, which resulted in only two teen fiction books, the Marie Antoinette DVD (the one with Kirsten Dunst) and a towering pile of Seventeen magazines. Suffice to say, I've read both books and copied the relevant pages that I wanted from Seventeen (I only get them for the beauty section) that has left me with a ravenous desire for literary knowledge. AKA an adult fiction book, much like Zoe Foster or the brilliant Dan Brown. And just in case you were not aware, I have an almost obsession with Dan Brown literature since I first read The DaVinci Code.

I've also reached the conclusion that I wouldn't mind placing pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and penning my own slice of literary excellence. But for now, I think I'll just stick with the goal of becoming a features writer for Girlfriend or Dolly magazine. Started an official budget for my Tokyo trip too. At a rough approximate, it's going to cost me about $9000 for a trip that will let me have fun and do some sight-seeing and shopping, but still have to budget accordingly.

Oh and with all the current formal dress madness that is currently gripping my group, I sat down and sleuthed through Seventeen's Prom Dress Finder, with mixed reviews on how American girls do things and what's ultimately cool or lame. I have a really girly girl style, so I want my dress to reflect that, but I also was perusing through one of my Cosmo magazines and found a pair of chunky, black, 4 inch, strappy heels that had silver pyramid studs on them. So now I'm on a mission to find something similar (as I have giant feet) or find black shoes that are similar and just glue on silver studs. Pair that with a delicate, girly dress and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the juxtaposition between the two!

Unfortunately, my english short story is refusing to cooperate and write itself, so I must leave the internet and give my digits a workout. But I'll leave you with some of the dress images I saved to my hard drive.

How cute! So far the white ruffles and Katy's cute floral strapless number are battling it out head-on!

Any who, I have some serious work to do over a cup of java.

Night Guys!
julia xox


megan said...

$9000? That's a lot! How long do you plan on staying?

Julia said...

Hi Megan!
Wow it's been almost a year and I've only just discovered the wonderful 'comments' section on blogger. My noob moment lol.
I plan to stay for 2 weeks, but it's been pushed back with my new goal being to save that money for my surgery.
Just in case you were still wondering.......almost a year later :)