Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Morning!

AHH!! The cloudy days are over and today I can see a really pretty blue sky. Still some clouds around, but now I don't feel all 'blah' from grey overload. Passing the time before my Dad gets here and adventures ensue. Today I have no housework! NOTHING! Lol it has really made my morning so that I can have a lazy day, hihi.

Today's face is pretty basic, cause I have no idea what we might do today so I just opted to have the same face as I do for school. I also stole my best friend's scarf when I left her place yesterday and she forgot to re-steal when she took me home. Wasn't going to remind her hihi.

Today it's all about the lashes and the skin using Maybelline products. I know that some people like to collect MAC products, but I always manage to veer towards the Maybelline stand in the store.

Last night I also went online and bought an 88 matte palette for $13 including shipping. The exact same as Coastal Scents only the case doesn't have the Coastal Scents logo on it, which I like. Trying to shake up my Face of the Days - even though this is my third FOTD - and get some colour in. It also helps me practice new techniques and all that jazz on myself and then attempting on other people.

Well my Dad will be here anytime now so I need to pack my bag for the day. Fill you all in on my adventures later!

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