Friday, July 9, 2010

Good Morning! I have just woken up to a clear, blue sky. No clouds today! Am so happy that I have to do errands and pay bills today so that I can spend as much time as I want outside. I'm still in my snuggly robe with bed hair, so no FOTD until this afternoon. I have made a bento for me to have while I'm out today as well and even made deco nails to wear to my work training this morning. But I left my GHD at Elfy's, so it means that this messy bed hair will be todays look, so I might do a 'hot-mess' sort of eye.

Yesterday was fun spending time with my Dad. We were going to see Toy Story 3, but my brother Anthony started to feel sick so we just went for lunch instead. Had a big 'doh' moment too, as we were trying to all fit in Dad's ute, not even thinking of the family 5 seater sitting idle in the garage. Have to buy more yummy strawberries today! Strawberry season has started early this year and dunking fresh berries in melted chocolate helps to ease the cold of winter. And hot chocolate.

I have to start getting ready so that I can leave in an hour, so I might update later on with my FOTD.

Enjoy the sun while you can and as many berries.


Anonymous said...

I just read your story in 'dolly'.
I hope everything is going well, and your life is getting better :)
All my thoughts go out to you!

Anonymous said...

i just read your story in dolly too !
i too hope you are going well
and i will defenetly follow your blog :)
i could just imagin that hot chocolate and strawberrys MmM yummy.

Anonymous said...

Make that three DOLLY readers!
Will be following this blog for sure!
Hope you life is getting better!

The Japanese Umbrella said...

That cloud is so cuuuuute!!!! @____@

Julia said...

wow, I'm a really big noob at blogger. I only just noticed all your sweet comments!

A bit of a late update, but yeah, my life has gotten WAY better. My mum is home and we're moving for me and my brother to be closer to uni.

I'll be blogging more often and it would be awesome for you guys to follow me!