Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hello All

Back again for some blogging. I was looking over it and realised that I really don't spend so much time on it anymore and that I should commit to this human-blog relationship. The City is on my TV in the background. As a reality TV virgin, MTV is suprisingly not that bad.

My day has been suprisingly average. I had a study day today, cause its Thursday and with the horrible weather the temptation to just throw myself back into the covers and scream 'I'M NOT GOING!" at the top of my lungs. I must say, that, for an expert procrastinator, is the worlds most difficult task.

So excited this morning, cause I got to test out my new Hello Kitt pancake pan, the newest edition to my Kitty-fied domain. I burnt some of them but they look so cute! Naturally I have to include my attempt:

Covered in whipped cream and strawberries ($7 a punnet! The curse of Winter!Argh!) they were really yummy. Well, except for the burnt ones.

My phone just went off. I can't understand why some people are so glued to their phones sometimes.

Well, its almost 6pm and before long my brother may very well just gnaw a big hole into my door and we're renting, so not good.

So with that I leave you! Tonight is roast potatoes, vege and schnitzel. Yum!

Oh and that short story that I posted a bit ago? I got an A- for it. Not bad for something hastily written 4 hours before it was handed in.

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