Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Noooooooo....." (sigh) "Donut hand me the sniper rifle"

The above quote could not be more true in this situation. It's 1st period maths, and we have the fantastically fun substitute McClain. Well, at least that's what I ASSUME her name is. I was just going to stick with pure demon spawn, but everything needs a proper name. It's pure torture and every second is making me consider suicide (but, alas, one must still look busy or else incur the Demon's wrath) and so I have my bento notes and partially completed article splashed out on the desk. All while wearing an expression of pure immersion, or course.............even when concentrating on a epic game of tetris.

I could give a ninja a run for his money, I'm so sneaky.

OH, C'MON! The classroom's wall clock seems to be mocking me, as i've been playing tetris for a grand total of 45 seconds. Hang on a minute......the little red minute hand isn't there! Its fallen to the bottom of the clock and is lying passed out. Hmm, seems a bit early for it to be drinking.

I hate Tuesdays. It's official. I seriously recommend the Government making at least one day a year 'National Tuesday-free Day' so that we can all sit at home and watch the morning cartoons in our jim jams.

I hate everything about Tuesdays. The weather, the classes I have that day, the people that have good classes that day, rental DVDs due back on Tuesdays, exams on Tuesdays, things released on Tuesdays, birthdays on Tuesdays........EVERYTHING!

And I especially hate having substitute teachers on Tuesdays.

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